Why Work with Susan

Why Work with Susan

People planning their own travel tend to become overwhelmed with the “information overload” on the internet. Where is that Google search really taking you and why? Who do you trust? Who really wrote the online testimonial? Why spend hours on TripAdvisor when you have someone who will do the legwork for you! Susan Teeple Travel has vetted preferred partners that she trust will put their best foot forward for her clients.


Susan has the preferred partners all over the world ready to make your travel dreams a reality! There are many benefits to working with Susan. Her affiliation with Brownell gives her access to their deep relationships with the very best luxury travel companies in the world. Brownell advisors are top producers with the world’s best cruise lines, hotels and resorts, tour operators, and destination management companies. Brownell has elite status in the world wide travel community and a respected name. The reputation of Brownell and their advisors is second to none, there is a reason they have been in the business for over 100 years.


We keep telling you about our relationships and partnerships – why does this matter to you? This translates into very special treatment, benefits, access, amenities, and savings to you. Instead of booking on your own, our clients are offered exclusive opportunities only available to us. How fun is that?


We have a saying at Brownell,


But that is exactly what Susan will do for you. This personal touch and above and beyond service enhances your vacation experience! We know once you experience a trip planned by Susan Teeple Travel, you will trust is for all your future planning needs.

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